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How This Works

Business is about building relationships and when you submit your information through the System you become closer to your community.  We strive in making long term introductions with clients in your local area.
Measurable Data: Are you tired of not really knowing how well  or even if  your current advertising is working?  Not with our Service!  Everything we do is fully audit-trailed, measurable down to the smallest detail. You will know exactly what the ROI for your lead purchases will be. In addition, we are able to provide you with valuable market demographics pertaining to your new clients.
Results: We can provide you with monthly reports to help your business grow, in addition to the new clients that you are acquiring with our service.
Scope of Marketing Plan: Our aim is to promote Your Professional Services aggressively and to ethically generate the maximum amount of targeted local leads. As appropriate to Your specific Profession, we will;
  • create and distribute high-impact niche targeted web-video promotion campaigns
  • obtain maximum local exposure via the Mobile-Web, Regular-Web and our mobile App-based Advertisng Directory Service
  • use SMS Text marketing campaigns geo-targeted and demographically aligned to your market niche via custom QR-Code integration
  • purchase paid traffic ads on Google, Yahoo, Bing and Facebook. Clicks from those ads will be sent to a customised landing page designed to funnel potential clients through the Lead Form. Those qualified leads will then be transmitted in real-time to your company for processing.
We can also set up an exclusive local phone number for prospective clients to call you direct during your normal office hours. This phone number will track all calls generated by our advertising campaigns, and will be charged as one-lead per-call. No line rental or call diversion fees.
Tests have proved that many businesses are able to convert these phone calls - especially calls from mobile devices - into sales even more effectively than web based leads.

Local Area geo-targeting is on a Regional, County, District, City and / or Postcode Area basis. You specify the target areas that you consider to be "Local."


We know that location matters! We know how to keep it local!


If you want more potential business leads ... We will get them! And we refer these leads on an Exclusive basis. These qualified leads come from clients that have expressed an interest in your business services and have taken the necessary action by completing the web form, or phoning you. The ball is then in your court to do what you do best and sell them on your business!


Try us out. There is never any obligation, and best of all your membership is 100% FREE.  Click Here and watch the Video Introduction and full details regarding Membership Registration.


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Your information is 100% safe and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Our Registration Number is: Z2650891.



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